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The Capital Markets Group of Sisung Securities Corporation provides finance services for government and nonprofit clients as well as for-profit businesses. These services range from underwriting and financial advisory services to mergers and acquisitions. This combination of public and corporate finance experience serves SSC well as the firm also works to develop public/private partnerships for projects that combine nonprofit, government and for-profit components.

The Sisung Investment Bankers
The Sisung investment bankers have over 60 years of cumulative experience in the market.

Our staff of professionals includes previously high-ranking government officials and corporate executives with extensive management and financial experience. We arm our talented team with the latest technology – a combination that allows us to provide diligent investment banking services.



Government and nonprofit entities have unique and considerable financing needs. While the sources of funding currently continue to lag, the demand for capital grows greater every day. It is important for these entities to maximize their resources to ensure continuity of service to the public and to realize growth and prosperity.

Sisung Securities’ public sector clients include state governments, parish and county governments, cities, towns, school districts, hospitals, levee districts, housing authorities, universities, port authorities, law enforcement districts, charter schools and more.

SLU'sStrawberry Sports Stadium
The Sisung Group has worked on multiple projects with Southeastern Louisiana University.
SLU'sStrawberry Sports Stadium in Hammond, La., was financed through a bond issue
led by Sisung Securities Corporation.

SSC’s primary relationship with its public sector clients focuses on Underwriting and Financial Advisory Services. More specifically, SSC has been retained to coordinate:

  • Analysis of financing needs and resources
  • Assessment of debt capacity and creditworthiness
  • Creative alternative financing structures
  • Structuring of financing to maximize efficiency
  • Recommendation of derivative financing tools
  • Presentations to bond investors and rating agencies
  • Obtaining regulatory approval
  • Selection of a financing team and issuer
  • Review of legal documentation
  • Oversight of official statement preparation
  • Monitoring of bond marketing and timing of bond sale
  • Aggressive marketing and sale of bonds
  • Investment of bond proceeds
  • Remarketing of variable rate bonds
  • Structuring of refunding escrow accounts

Unlike typical investment bankers that participate in one specific area of public/corporate finance, our professionals are experienced and participate in all phases of our clients’ transactions, from the initial analysis to the marketing and sales of securities.

University of Louisiana, Monroe Student Housing
The Sisung Group has served as underwriter, financial adviser, program administrator
and consultant on many campus facilities programs. SSC served as the Financial Advisor for
the University of Louisiana, Monroe Student Housing project pictured above.

Sisung Securities’ model of cross-training our professionals in multiple disciplines of public finance serves our clients well. Our team has completed a wide variety of financing including:

  • Airport financing
  • Healthcare financing
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Pooled financing loan programs
  • Qualified Zone Academy Bonds
  • Forward delivery financing
  • Lease/leaseback financing
  • Asset securitizations
  • Variable Rate Demand Bonds
  • Private placements
  • State Aid Intercept Programs
  • Letter of credit financing
  • Special assessment financing
  • Student revenue financing
  • Parking facilities financing
  • Arena and stadium financing
  • Appropriation financing
  • Single family housing financing
  • Multi- and Single- family housing financing
  • Utility Financing

We apply the latest technology and our broad expertise to develop creative financial solutions to help our clients meet their goals.




Our Capital Markets Group provides corporate financial services to for-profit corporate business clients ranging from start-ups to growth stage to those pursuing merger and acquisition opportunities. We value these relationships because we realize that small and medium sized businesses, often overlooked by commercial banks and large investment banking firms, can have unique business models that lend themselves to profitable opportunities. Once again, the Sisung Group advantage lies in the experience held by our professionals. We are able to define the needs of our clients and to address them through our services, whether it involves underwriting, acquisition or divestiture.

We begin this relationship by helping our clients determine what their capital needs are and then analyzing potential debt/equity mixes. We then help structure debt/equity raisings and participate in the marketing and sale of bonds or equity as a sole underwriter, as part of a syndication or in an advisory capacity. We work with companies struggling to decide how to grow and help them determine if acquisition is a viable alternative to organic growth. If it is, we assist the company in identifying potential mergers or acquisitions, determining the appropriate valuation, negotiating the business terms and finalizing the acquisition transaction.

As a company grows, shareholders often discover either that they have their wealth tied up in the company after having built a successful company with no one to turn it over to or that the value of the company would increase if it were sold. We stand ready to assist those companies. We help to determine if a sale or divestiture is a viable alternative, identify potential acquirers, determine fair compensation, negotiate the agreements and help finalize the transaction. We recognize that in all merger and acquisition transactions, preservation of confidential information is paramount. And because we possess the expertise and resources to handle all facets of the transaction we are able to control the quality and the confidentiality of the transaction process.

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