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Sisung Film Finance, LLC, a member of the New Orleans, La. – based Sisung Group, provides tax credit-based financing for motion picture production, distribution agreements, and foreign pre-sale agreements. The company began its film investing in the Louisiana film industry, but now can provide financing to productions in most states offering film tax incentives.

The origins of Sisung Film Finance lie in the tremendous growth that Louisiana’s film production industry has experienced in recent years as a result of the state’s tax incentive program. Many other states have subsequently followed suit in implementing similar programs. Although the structures of these programs vary from state to state, they are consistent in requiring that money first be spent in the issuing state, after which the credit is issued to the production company. Thus, while generous, these tax credits and other incentive programs do not provide production companies with the front-end capital needed to undertake film projects. This, paired with the fact that many commercial banks will not consider unearned tax credits as a primary security, constitutes an opportunity for Sisung Film Finance as a non-depository bank lender.

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Sisung Film Finance has the expertise to help productions, in the range of states offering film production tax incentives, to monetize offered incentives on the front-end. The professionals of Sisung Film Finance, LLC have hands-on experience in providing financing to both low-budget and high-budget independent films. We work jointly with producers to assist in analyzing the various incentive opportunities and financing alternatives. Our in-depth financial knowledge and transaction experience provides independent filmmakers with the tools needed to finance their projects. Our team consists of legal professionals, including on-staff tax and mergers and acquisitions attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and a team of dedicated and accomplished finance professionals that stand ready to assist in providing financing for a wide geographic and budgetary range of productions.

Sisung Film Finance is a member of the Sisung Group, which is comprised of related companies that provide superior financial and development services to corporations, individuals, institutions and governmental agencies. These services include investment banking, investment advisory, venture capital finance provision and consulting and revenue development.

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